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What is a HMI-no.? Open

What is a HMI-no.? Close

HMI-no. is a product ID that is assigned to a product when it is registered in AssistData. All suppliers can gain access to register assistive products in AssistData and obtain a HMI-no. for their products providing the products can be classified in AssistData. In case of identical products being registered by more than one supplier the products will be assigned the same HMI-no. The assessment of whether products are identical will be made based on information from the suppliers.

HMI-nos. are utilized e.g. in AP store-houses for stock control.

Missing HMI-no., what do I do? Open

Missing HMI-no., what do I do? Close

If you are a supplier and want a HMI-nr. for a product, you register the product in AssistData. When the National Board of Social Services has assigned a HMI-nr. it will be published in AssistData.

If you work with provision of assistive technology or stock control and you lack a HMI-no. for a product, you can contact the supplier of the product and encourage him to register the product in AssistData. If the product cannot be registered in AssistData, e.g. a spare part, you will in most stock control systems be able to assign a local HMI-no. in the interval 90.000-99.999 or 900.000-999.999.

Are the products ratified? Open

Are the products ratified? Close

No, the National Board of Social Services has no authority to ratify products and do not assess the quality of the products. In AssistData the suppliers are encouraged to inform whether the products are tested according to relevant standards comprising minimum requirements for safety and functionality. You can inquire for this information with the supplier. Furthermore, the supplier has the option of attaching test repports in AssistData.

What is CE marking? Open

What is CE marking? Close

A CE mark is the declaration of the manufacturer that the product meets the requirements in a European directive or regulation. The CE mark is an acronym for Conformité Européenne, meaning European conformity. The appearance of the CE mark is identical for the various directives and regulations. It must be evident in the user manual which directive og regulation the CE mark is related to.
Most assistive products must be CE marked as medical devices, but there are also assistive products that fall to other directives, e.g. the Machinery directive or the Low-voltage directive, and which therefore must be marked according to these directives. Finally there are products which are solely encompassed in the Product safety directive, and these products need no CE mark.

Why is some information missing? Open

Why is some information missing? Close

The National Board of Social Services is continously enhancing the forms used for collecting product information, incl. measures and characteristics. If a new field is added to a form, the supplier will fill in this field when registring new products. For products already registered in the database, it may take a while before the field is filled in, and for discontinued products the field will typically not be filled in.

Why is the price missing? Open

Why is the price missing? Close

It is voluntary for the supplier to inform about the prices on their products. Not all suppliers whish to inform about prices in AssistData. You can contact the supplier to acquire information on prices.

Who is describing the products? Open

Who is describing the products? Close

All product information is formulated and delivered by the suppliers. Likewise, information on characteristics, measures, test results, CE marking, and attached additional information material, e.g. manuals, are delivered by the suppliers.


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