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Assistive Technology Data - Denmark (AssistData) contains information about around 68,000 different assistive devices and 1150 suppliers of assistive devices. In AssistData you will find descriptions of the assistive devices, information on technical specifications, test information, prices and the suppliers contact information. There are pictures of most devices, and there is an increasing number of brochures, video clips and manuals (manuals and brochures are only available in the Danish version).

AssistData also includes Latest news and an App search function.

Latest news is partly news from the National Board of Social Services and partly news from the suppliers having product information in AssistData.

App search will help you find assistive apps in App Store and Google Play.

The content of AssistData is rapidly extended and updated. If you should find any errors or shortcomings you are always very welcome to write us at hmi-basen@socialstyrelsen.dk.

Notice The Danish version of the website is more informative than the English version. E.g. only the Danish version includes a forum and a list of principal rulings and the Danish version has more litterature references than the English version. Furthermore in the English version, devices will only be presented with a description in English if the supplier has made such a description.

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