International cooperation

The National Board of Social Services is a member of the international standardisation group, ISO 9999, that works with the development of the classification and terminology of assistive products. This work is prepared and supported in a Nordic working group with the participation of all five Nordic countries.

In addition the National Board of Social Services takes part in a European database co-operation with the purpose of creating an information system on assistive technology as a service to the elderly and disabled, their relatives and anyone who work with assistive technology. This work is organised by the EASTIN association of which the National Board of Social Services is a member.

As partners in the EU-project of EASTIN (European Assistive Technology Information Network), several European members of the International Alliance of Assistive Technology
Information Providers
have developed the portal
EASTIN, from which it is possible to search for information from 8 European assistive technology databases from one and the same search interface. EASTIN can be operated in all European languages, and througt EASTIN the information from AssistData is made accessible to a vast international public.