User organisations

User organisations who wish to inform about assistive products and their use as related to specific target groups can include the search functions below by special arrangement with the National Board of Social Services.

Search by search word
Search powered by AssistData

This search function works in the same manner as the search function on the front page of AssistData. You can search by product groups, classification codes, search words, product names, suppliers and HMI-numbers. Try a search on e.g. cycles, alarms, handicare, the classification code 122203 or the HMI-number 76873.

Search through selected product groups
Search powered by AssistData

Here you have the opportunity through the select box to select one or more of the more than 1000 product groups in AssistData to provide easy access for the users of your web site.

Organisations who wish to make use of these search functions must contact in order to obtain a letter of agreement, a user guide and the html code.
If help is needed for descriptions or examples of assistive products as related to specific target groups the National Board of Social Services offers assistance. It is not permitted to include the search functions on a website without an agreement with the National Board of Social Services.