News written by suppliers with products in Hjælpemiddelbasen or by the National Board of Social Services.

Open data from AssistData

10-09-2018 af Thomas Lyhne.

The National Board of Social Services provides data from AssistData free of charge for all. The open data proposition has started just now.

Products for tissue integrety grouped in AssistData

21-11-2017 af Mary Petersen.

By grouping mattresses and seat cushions for tissue integrity in the same subclass we have provided an easier overview of the product area.

App search

23-11-2014 af Thomas Lyhne.

Search function on AssistData will help you find assistive apps in App Store and Google Play.

Products presented with video

09-11-2010 af Thomas Lyhne.

An increasing number of products are now presented with video. Especially assistive products for transferring but also many more.

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