Target Groups

Examples of assistive products for persons with dementia, visual impairment and other target groups.

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Acquired Brain Injury

A brain injury can affect anyone and can occur throughout life. In this article, you can find inspiration for various assistive products that may be useful if you have suffered a brain injury. Several of the mentioned aids can also be used by children and young people.

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If you have arthritis, you may find that regular daily activities can be difficult to carry out. In this guide, you can read more about which assistive products may help you in your everyday life if you have arthritis.

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Cerebral palsy

In this target group entry, you can gain an overview of a number of assistive products that can be useful for you, if you or a relative has cerebral palsy. The aids can, for example, contribute to easier communication, support you in moving about, and in participating actively in everyday and leisure life.

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Assistive products may in some contexts ease the complications that come with having dementia. For instance, there are products that support your memory, prevent unintentional episodes or contribute to give you or your relatives a more secure feeling.

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Multiple Sclerosis

For many people with multiple sclerosis (MS), assistive products are essential to compensate for disabilities deriving from the disease. This could be, e.g. assistive products for mobility and assistive products for personal care and for everyday activities. In addition to this, assistive products for planning and memory support may be essential.

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Severe Obesity

Being obese can affect your ability to get around and carry out everyday activities. There is a wide range of assistive products, which may be relevant for you when you are severely obese, e.g. for support, relief, and mobility.

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Visual impairment

Assistive products for persons with visual impairment cover many different types of assistive products from simple objects to advanced special optics, magnifying devices, electronic devices, computers, special software, speech synthesizers, etc.

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