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News written by suppliers with products in Hjælpemiddelbasen or by the National Board of Social Services. Search for title, content in a summary or content in full text. You are also able to sort the content in the table by clicking on one of the column headlines.


Title and summaryWritten byPublished
Assistive products for obese people
New short cut to assistive products for obese people
Thomas Lyhne04-05-2010
IT-assistive product of the year 2010
The IT-assistive product of the year 2010 became SkanRead from Mikro Værkstedet.
Klaus Svane Olsen28-09-2010
Products presented with video
An increasing number of products are now presented with video. Especially assistive products for transferring but also many more.
Thomas Lyhne09-11-2010
Doro PhoneEasy 610 for people with hard of hearing
The Doro PhoneEasy 610 is the new mobile with pickup coil for hearing aids. Doro PhoneEasy has high clear volume
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)22-07-2011
New Jabra Stone 2 and Jabra Freeway
Voice activated bluetooth headset and bluetooth speakerphone
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)13-08-2011
Doro PhoneEasy 615
The new flipphone from Doro, Doro 615, is destined to be a winner. Why, you might ask? See our definitive guide to Doro 615 and see for yourself
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)23-08-2011
A new assistive technology for android smart phone
A new assistive technology makes it possible for switch users to gain access to the brave new world of Smart phone technology.
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)10-10-2011
Doro mobile with improved user friendly functions
Doro has launced the new mobile phone Doro 510, which is characterized by being a mobile phone, where all user friendly functions have been improved.
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)16-12-2011
Mobile phone with automatic alert creates security
The new Doro 334 IUP mobile phone with an automatically activated alarm provides security for elderly, who risk being exposed to fall accidents.
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)02-01-2012
Doro PhoneEasy 515: Mobilephone with camra, mms and radio
Doro PhoneEasy 515: New mobile phone with camra, radio and extra assistive functions
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)07-02-2012

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