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News written by suppliers with products in Hjælpemiddelbasen or by the National Board of Social Services. Search for title, content in a summary or content in full text. You are also able to sort the content in the table by clicking on one of the column headlines.


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App search
Search function on AssistData will help you find assistive apps in App Store and Google Play.
Thomas Lyhne23-11-2014
The 3.Bariatric Rehabilitaion Congress
Bariatrirådet and COBI Rehab are holding the third Bariatric
Rehabilitation Congress with a
360 view around the bariatric patient.
Mette Hornbæk Söderberg (COBI Rehab)25-06-2015
Research study about scooter training
Take part in a University of British Columbia research study about scooter training.
Thomas Lyhne01-03-2013
Remain independent-new aid for jacket and trourser ON/OFF
For people WHO will remain independent in putting on and pulling of jackets, trousers, pants, ..
Ivan Bach (Danish CARE Supply)08-09-2013
ClickToPhone - Do what you used to do
ClickToPhone is an easy way to use your smartphone or tqablet eventhough you are handicapped.It makes it possible for you to connect with other people
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)18-12-2012
Doro 110, high contrast backlit screen. Talking numbers.
Doro 110 - very easy to read the display. The talking number keys are good with a clear sound. Range up to 300 m. Standbytid 100 hours.
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)23-08-2012
Doro PhoneEasy 610 for people with hard of hearing
The Doro PhoneEasy 610 is the new mobile with pickup coil for hearing aids. Doro PhoneEasy has high clear volume
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)22-07-2011
Doro PhoneEasy 615
The new flipphone from Doro, Doro 615, is destined to be a winner. Why, you might ask? See our definitive guide to Doro 615 and see for yourself
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)23-08-2011
Doro mobile with improved user friendly functions
Doro has launced the new mobile phone Doro 510, which is characterized by being a mobile phone, where all user friendly functions have been improved.
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)16-12-2011
Doro PhoneEasy 515: Mobilephone with camra, mms and radio
Doro PhoneEasy 515: New mobile phone with camra, radio and extra assistive functions
Henrik Bryld (Tele Call)07-02-2012

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