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Reflexwear Compression & Flight Socks  - example from the product group anti-oedema stockings for legs

Anti-oedema stockings for legs

Tube-like elastic bandages for reducing or preventing swelling in the legs caused by circulation problems.

Amoena Isadora Bra w / Wide Straps & Pockets  - example from the product group bras


Custom made or adjusted bras, including standard models suitable for persons with impairments.

Amoena Adapt Air breast prosthesis  - example from the product group mammary prostheses

Mammary prostheses

Devices that reproduce the appearance of all or part of the breast.

KT Non-slip Socks Cotton  - example from the product group stockings and socks

Stockings and socks

Including, e.g. stockings and socks that protect the feet or wiht non-skid on the soles.