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All-round kitchen knives

Knives with multiple purposes for kitchen use.

Anti-oedema stockings for arms

Tube-like elastic bandages for reducing or preventing swelling in the arms caused by circulation problems.

Arm exercise devices

Equipment for training movement or strengthening the arms.

Assistive products for elbow protection or arm protection

Body-worn equipment that protects from bruising or skin injury on arm, elbow, and shoulder.

Assistive products for heel protection, toe protection or foot protection

Body-worn equipment for the prevention of pressure sores on the feet.

Assistive products for stimulating body control and conceptualization

Garments that facilitate body posture and control or body conceptualization with even pressure.

Assistive products for swimming, water sports and diving

Including equipment for propulsion or buoyancy, balls and equipment for diving.

Balls for training

Balls for training strength and balance, intended to carry the body weight.

Bath brushes

Bath brushes e.g. with a handle for easier reach.

Body-worn holders

Devices worn on the body that hold an object.