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Elektronic bidet Maro DI600

Supplier Welldana Innocare
6700 Esbjerg

Classification 09 12 36 - 04
Douches and air dryers for attachment to a toilet

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bioBidet1000 Supreme (150 kg)

HMI-no. 101535 
Article-no. VT-5990 
Registration date 02-05-2016 
Last updated 12-12-2017 

User weight, max 150kg 
Seat width 40cm 
Seat depth 39.5cm 
Seat height 3.5cm info
Measured from the upper surface of the bowl to the upper surface of the seat at the front.
Toilet opening width 21cm 
Toilet opening depth 29.7cm 
Number of jets 1 
Pulsating water jet Yes 
Self-cleaning jets Yes 
Adjustment of water temperature Yes 
Air dryer Yes 
Adjustment of air temperature Yes 
Remote control Yes 
Probrammable for several users No 
Automatic energy conservation, "sleep mode" Yes 
Lid Yes 
Heated toilet seat Yes 
Arm supports Yes 
Built-in air cleaning Yes 
Can be used in combination with raising mechanism Yes 
Ingress protection class for water 4IP-klasse info
0-9 (IPX0-IPX9) according to the standard for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529)

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