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Meywalk 4 Micro

The Meywalk4 is lighter, narrower, shorter and ideal for the very young children down to the age of one year, which makes it much easier to move around. Meywalk4 Micro stimulates the childs senses and physics and creates the best possible basis for a life of joy, well-being and good self-esteem.

12 06 09 05 - Walking chairs without handlebar

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Meywalk 4, Small

All settings are done easily and without the use of tools.
The trunk support is available in 4 sizes: circumference 70, 90, 105 and 120 cm.
Springs are available in 4 variations: from 20 kg to 80 kg.
The color of the walker is green.


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Intended for children Yes  info
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Indoor use Yes  
Outdoor use No  
Chest support Yes  
Back support No  
Forearm support No  
Seat height, min 50 cm 
Seat height, max 67 cm 
External width, max 62 cm 
External length, max 85 cm 
Weight 25 kg 
User weight, max 100 kg