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VisionStar desk lamps

A series of lightweight, elegant LED desk lamps with LED, which are both dimmable and have adjustable colour temperature. With a flexible, articulated arm that allows the light to be aimed where it is needed.

Supplier Lysoglup ApS
2610 Rødovre

Classification 18 06 06 - 07
Desk lamps

The product series contains 3 products.
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Product 1 of 3
VisionStar 100, silver metallic

VisionStar 100 with a built-in USB charging port for recharging smartphones and similar mobile equipment. Ships with table base as well as a clamp for attachment to the edge of the table.

HMI-no. 87439 
Article-no. VS100-S 
Registration date 08-04-2015 
Last updated 04-09-2017 

Integrated bulp Yes 
Heat neutral Yes 
With dimmer Yes 
Lumen, integrated bulp 1600lm 
Adjustable colourtemperature Yes 
Anti-dazzle Yes 
Is able to hold attachable magnifier No 

Product 2 of 3
VisionStar 895

With its Integrated clock/calender, this lamp is ideal for the busy office desk: It provides 1000 lux at a power consumption of merely 7 watts, thanks to the energy efficient LED technology. Its is dimmable, and the colour temperature is adjustable from a warm golden, through neutral white, to a daylight-like cool tone.

HMI-no. 87455 
Article-no. VS895 
Registration date 09-04-2015 
Last updated 04-01-2018 

Product 3 of 3
VisionStar 896

Effective and elegant desk lamp, which provides up to 1500 lux at a power consumption of merely 10 watts. Using the touch sensitive panel on the lamps foot, light can be dimmed, and three choises of colour temperature are available warm, neutral white, and a cool, daylight-like tone. Folds up for easy transport/storage.

HMI-no. 87456 
Article-no. VS896 
Registration date 09-04-2015 
Last updated 04-01-2018 

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