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Bed Assist Rail

The Bed Assist Rail offers additional safety en stability allowing the bed occupant to access en exit the bed with ease. The rail is also easily adjusted en installed without the use of any tools. Provides additional safety en stability. Designed to assist your natural motion.

Supplier Keana ApS
9530 Støvring

Classification 18 12 28 - 02
Grab handles for beds

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Bed Assist Rail

HMI-no. 88358 
Article-no. LA004 
Registration date 07-09-2015 
Last updated 29-10-2015 

Intended for children No info
Products for children must comply with the specific demands for safety as stated in certain standards. It is the supplier of the product who has stated that the product is intended for children. The National Board of Social Services holds no responsibility in relation to this assessment.
Only intended for use with specific products No 
Removable without tools Yes 
Height 55cm info
Measured from the mattress support platform (without mattress) to the upper point of the grab handle. If the grab handle can be used with more beds, the measure gives the height when used with the bed giving the smallest measure
Length 44cm 
Vertical foldable No info
Indicates whether folding takes place with a vertical movement lowering the upper point of the grab handle
Lateral foldable No info
Indicates whether folding takes place with a movement both lowering and laterally moving the upper point of the grab handle along the bed
Rotational foldable No info
Indicates whether folding takes place with a 180 degrees rotational movement of the grab handle pivoting around its lower fixation point
Can be used in the left side of the bed Yes 
Can be used in the right side of the bed Yes 
Mounted directly on the mattress support platform Yes info
Indicates whether the grab handle follows the angle adjustment of the mattress support platform

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