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Chameleon desk lamp

Desk lamps with flexible arm, dimming, adjustable colour temperature, night light and timer function. Patented components in the lamp eliminates light near the ultraviolet, mitigating strain in sensitive eyes. Since the circadian rhythm is steered by this light, these lamps can be used late at night without interfering with the users sleep.

Supplier Lysoglup ApS
2610 Rødovre

Classification 18 06 06 - 07
Desk lamps

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Chameleon, black, standard length arm

Black, and with a 70cm (27 inch) flexible gooseneck arm.

HMI-no. 101741 
Article-no. KMLsortKort 
Registration date 31-05-2016 
Last updated 08-01-2019 

Integrated bulp Yes 
Heat neutral Yes 
With dimmer Yes 
Lumen, integrated bulp 515lm 
Adjustable colourtemperature Yes 
Anti-dazzle Yes 
Is able to hold attachable magnifier Yes 

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