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Careline IP 4G Smarthub

Careline IP 4G Smarthub
The carephone is digitized, so all updates
and subsequent adjustments take place from our central administration portal. It eliminates subsequent visits to the home and ensures that the carephone always is
online and set up as agreed.

22 27 18 12 - Emergency alarm systems with two way speech

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Careline IP 4G Smarthub

Works via 4G, but can also switch to 3G and 2G. Careline IP 4G can also switch to the mobile network via an Internet connection. Regular digital monitoring ensures great security for the carephone. A number of accessories can be connected (e.g. bed, door and smoke alarm).


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Automatic low battery warning Yes  
Emergency button on emergency alarm system main unit Yes  
Max number of actuators 16  
Max number of alarm receivers 10000  
Floating battery Yes  
Connection for telephone network No  
Connection for mobile network Yes  
Connection to network Yes  
Alarm logging No  

Radio equipment - 2014/53/EU