Assistive products for heat treatment

Devices for heating the body or an area of the body for therapeutic purposes.


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Infrared light panels

Infrared light panels

Light panels with red and near infrared light therapy.
Provides a wide range of natural health benefits. Among other things, it has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, increases the benefits of exercise, improves sleep and increases energy levels.

Tested by the Danish Technological Institute.

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Jakob Dannefærds Vej 14, kld., tv.
1973 Frederiksberg C

Elasto Gel

UniqForm ApS (Medi-Cos ApS)
Baldersbuen 17,
2640 Hedehusene



Denne pude er velegnet til varmebehandling, da den er fyldt med kirsebærsten, som kan varmes op i en mikrobølgeovn eller en almindelig ovn. For at forhindre forbrændinger, kan der lægges en klud mellem hud og puden. Mål: 25 x 30 cm. Farve: sort/mørkeblå.

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