Stair climbers for wheelchairs, attendant operated

Powered stair climbers that can transport a person in a wheelchair on stairs by means of, e.g. special wheels or caterpillar tracks.


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Alber Scalamobil

Thanks to its patented climbing mechanism the Alber scalamobil safely and effortlessly negotiates all kinds of staircases whether spiral or straight. This powerful mobility device can be combined with a large variety of manual wheelchairs. The innovative ErgoBalance handles have been designed by specialists to ensure a simple and safe

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S-MAX D160

Kinco Corporation offers a stairclimber for transport of persons with a weight up to 160 kg. It functions as the S-MAX 120 kg, which is already on the market, but meet the demands for transporting larger persons up and down virtually al kinds of stairs.

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Stairclimber Antano

This new series contains 5 products where all has good ergonomic operation. The products Counts balanced as well as unbalanced climbers where 4 of them are fit to drive on spindelstairs.
Contained in this new series are climbers for transporting of wheelchairs, seated persons and goods transportation.

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