Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.
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TEC work chair/industrial chair

STAND STAR. Height adjustment with gas lift. Sit-stand chair with seat tilt. Seat of polyurethane (PU). Footbase black polyamide. Available with aluminum base.

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Erik Nielsen Hyldahl
Borgergade 28 c, Koldby
7752 Snedsted

Head rest with swan neck

Head rest with swan neck
High-quality aluminium design for fixation on
push grip. Adjusting range: Width from 380 - 550
mm. Support claws with pipe acceptance 25mm.
2 articulated joints, ball head with clamp and
3 screws M5x16.

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Rolko Scandinavia
Suensonsvej 2
8600 Silkeborg


The Disc offers you perfect support when you stand at a height adjustable table or packing table or in teaching situations. It can also be used as an ordinary chair. Disc has Ergo Top which allows the seat to follow your movements forward, backward and sideways. This means you sit in an active and balanced way.

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Chair Lifts - A Solution for Every Staircase

Chairlifts are the natural choice when it is no longer easy to get up and down the stairs. There is therefore no reason to move away from your home when there is a solution for all stairs - whether it is outside or inside, long or short, straight or with turns. As a walking-impaired, everyday life becomes easier with a chair lift.

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