Calendar and timetable software

Software designed for computers, tablets, smartphones or smartwatches to give calendar information and/or with functions which inform the user about planned activities or sequences related to specific time.


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Mobilize Me

Mobilize Me brings all resource persons about the disabled and support an effective and coordinated efforts with visual structure on smartphones and/or tablet PCs.
The resource team can reuse each others work and influence the structure from a distance, for example the individuals own home and create a less stressful life.

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PlaNet brings together all resource persons about citizens with disabilities and supports efficient and coordinated efforts with visual structure that follows the citizen on smartphones or tablet PCs.
Resource Team can reuse each others work and influence the structure of distance, for example. citizens own home, and create a less stressful life.

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Tiimo -

Tiimo is for everyone who needs structure and visual guidance in everyday life, and is a particularly useful tool for children, youngsters, and adults with special needs caused by cognitive deficits. Tiimo combines structure, time management, icons, and reminders in one clever digital solution. And it works on all devices.

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Handi5 SW

Handi5 SW is a digital calender that assists you to plan and structure your days. It reminds you of your daily activities and helps you to focus and concentrate on your tasks.
Handi5 SW is an app for your Android smart phone - an assistive aid developed for you with cognitive difficulties. Adjusted your needs.

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MemoAssist is a tool that is intended for people who suffer from ADHD, Alzheimers, Aspergers, autism, dementia, or brain damage. MemoAssist is very easy to use. It uses both images and sounds to remind you of your to-do items. MemoAssist can be controlled remotely by family members.

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Hart Designs
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Makes it possible for a helper to support a person with special needs, even when the helper is not nearby.

App turns any tablet into a clock with adjustable time settings. Send text, pictures and voice messages to the clock from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Install the app on two devices. One device is the Sender, the other is the Receiver.

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MemoClock ApS
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