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Dacapo Organic junior mattress

Dacapo Organic is a chrildrens mattress with 100 fluid proof cover. Different sizes according to sizes for ScanBeta NG carebed for children.

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Dacapo Heavy Duty and Heavy Duty Light

Dacapo Heavy Duty Light is tailored to meet the needs of the larger user and offers a firm, comfortable support. Uniquely constructed using 3 new high resilience foams, this model can be reversed to adjust to the degree of firmness and support required by the user.

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Dacapo Top

Dacapo Top is a high quality, pressurerelieving top layer ideally suited to basic mattresses. Dacapo Tops temperature smart foam adapts to the users body dynamics & temperature. On impact, the material relaxes
and then moulds & conforms to the contours of the body leaving the user cradled in comfort.

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Dacapo Square

Dacapo Square,2-layer mattr. with an environment friendly, organic foam top. The unique square-patterned contour cut minimise surface pressure, offering the user outstanding pressure distribution. The organic foams high volume weight gives it outstanding responsive & recovery features while the vapour permeable cells guarantee vaporized interior.

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Dacapo Combi

Dacapo Combi,2-layer mattr. with outstanding pressure relief properties. The top foam is composed of a self-regulating, heat sensitive matr. which works in conjunction with body temp. & movement. Combi relaxes according to the users body dynamics and softens as the user gently sinks into it, comfortably moulding & conforming to the body shape.

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Dacapo Basic foam mattress

Dacapo Basic - is the first mattress
in the Dacapo series. It fully satisfies basic comfort &
hygiene requirements for a sleeping surface. The
high density, high resilient, foam provides a firm
supportive base, strength and durability.

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