Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.

Threshold ramp, foldable

Threshold ramp consisting of two pieces of metal, connected in the middle by a hinge. The hinge ensures that the threshold ramps automatically adjusts to the height of the doorstep. Furthermore, the ramp can be folded along the middle and carried in the handles. The ramp has a grooved, non-slip surface for increased safety.

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Threshold ramp, used in pairs

Threshold ramps that are used in pairs, the ramps have a grooved surface for increased grip and safety. The ramps are easy to use, to get started, simply lay them on top of the doorstep, the ramps will automatically adjust to the height of the doorstep. The ramps can be folded and easily carried in the included bags.

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Become self-reliant. RotoBedFree makes the user more self-reliant and reduces the need for care. With the remote control, the bed can be moved to chair position and rotated for a an easy exit. This protects the users body from shear during transer. Increased mobility often delays the need for help further. Outstanding Danish design.

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Krabat Jockey Lite

Krabat Jockey Lite is the newest addition to the range of active childrens chairs from Krabat. The child is seated on a saddle with his/her legs apart. The spread position for the lower part of the body and the footrests provides a stable position for the pelvis, and reduces the need for upper body support.

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Ropox A/S
Ringstedgade 221
4700 Næstved

Comfor Incontinence cover for SAFE Med Knee support no. 124 & 131

Comfor Incontinence cover for SAFE Med Ear Pillow no. 115 is with concealed zipper, can be wiped off with soapy water or alcohol solution, is strong, elastic, breathable and antimicrobial.
Flametest BS 7175, Crib 5 and EN 597-1 & 2
Washable up to 95 C test 50 times
Tumble dry up to 60 C test 50 times

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OPUS 1CW series - Care beds

A solid, washable and separable Care Bed (avail. in 4 widths). 4-sectioned ergonomic mattress support platform with retrograde back regulation. Extension of mattress support platform (20 cm). Easy to disassemble in 4 parts without any tools. Optional low subframe. Accessories: MDF-boards in beech, side rails, covers, wooden design etc.

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