Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.

Arjo, Maxi Air pump to be used with Transfer mattress

Pump to be connected to Maxi Air Transfer mattresses.
Maxi Air cushions the patient on a bed of air a floating effect created by air flowing through the perforated underside of the inflatable single patient use mattress. Maxi Air Cart is available.

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Foldable driving ramps

Our foldable driving ramps are made of aluminum and therefore have a very low weight. This makes the ramps easy to handle and to take on the go. The ramps are available in two different sizes, with and without handles and have a load capacity of 500 and 1100 kg. The ramps fit height differences of up to 60 cm.

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Keycab ApS
Frederiksberg Allé 53, 2. th.
1820 Frederiksberg C

Mobile Fire Protection System Ultraguard

- Accredited Certification to LPS 1655
- Fully portable, self-contained system
- Simple keypad operations
- Monitored smoke alarms for rapid
- Fire control within minutes of discharge
- 3 day battery back-up
- Wireless auto dialler for activation alerts
to your preferred nominee
- Minimal damage to property when

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