Assistive products for domestic activities and participation in domestic life

Products intended to support or replace a persons capacity to carry out domestic and everyday actions and tasks, including acquiring a place to live, food, clothing and other necessities, household cleaning and repairing, caring for personal and other household objects and assisting others. Included are, e.g. assistive products for eating and drinking.
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Assistive products for preparing food and drink

(213 product series)
Devices for weighing, mesuring, cutting, baking and cooking. Included are cooking units and ovens.

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Assistive products for dishwashing

(13 product series)
E.g. dishwashing brushes, flask brushes, dishcloth wringers, and dishwashers.

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Assistive products for eating and drinking

(379 product series)
Jugs, containers, cutlery, drinking straws, mugs, glasses, plates, food guards for plates, spreadboards, eating robots etc.

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Assistive products for housecleaning

(46 product series)
Brooms, cloths, and vacuum cleaners.

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Assistive products for making and maintaining textiles for domestic use

(66 product series)
Assistive products for sewing and knitting, scissors, laundry baskets, clothespins etc.

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Assistive products for gardening and lawn care for domestic use

(16 product series)
Products for cultivating or tending plants or gardens, or for the care of a lawn.