Furnishings, fixtures and other assisitve products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.
18 03


(112 product series)
Adjustable tables etc.

18 06

Light fixtures

(101 product series)
Light fixtures for all-round illumination of a large area or a specific illumination of a limited work area, e.g. for reading.

18 09

Sitting furniture

(542 product series)
Adjustable sitting furniture etc.

18 10

Accessories for sitting furniture

(494 product series)
Cushions, arm supports, head supports, leg supports etc.

18 12

Beds and bed equipment

(430 product series)
Beds with adjustable and non-adjustable body positions, detachable bed-boards/mattress support platforms, bed equipment etc.

18 15

Assistive products for height adjustment of furniture

(66 product series)
Devices, loose og fixed, for altering the height of a piece of furniture.

18 18

Supporting handrails and grab bars

(156 product series)
Handrails, support rails, grab bars, handgrips and arm supports etc.

18 21

Gate, door, window and curtain openers/closers

(57 product series)
Devices, manual or electronic, that facilitate opening and closing windows, doors, curtains and locks.

18 24

Construction elements in homes and other premises

(100 product series)
Features of the structure of the house that are designed to assist a person to function independently.

18 30

Assistive products for vertical accessibility

(226 product series)
Lifts, lifting platforms, stair lifts and ramps.

18 33

Safety equipment for homes and other premises

(32 product series)
Included are equipment to prevent fall, fire, and gass leaks and equipment for evacuation.

18 36

Furniture for storage

(27 product series)
Cupboards and fittings for shelves, cupboards and cabinets.