Furnishings, fixtures and other assisitve products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and other products that can be placed in, incorporated into or, otherwise, added to, the built environment to facilitate movement and positioning, including entry and exit, within areas constructed for public and private use. Included are, e.g. products for sitting, standing and lying. Sets of castors, see 24 36 06. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03. Workplace furniture and furnishing elements, see 28 03.
18 03


(111 product series)
E.g. reading tables, writing desks, therapy tables.

18 06

Light fixtures

(101 product series)
E.g. general lights, reading lights, working lights.

18 09

Sitting furniture

(545 product series)
E.g. chairs, stools, standing chairs, lounge chairs, special sitting furniture, modular seating systems, moulded seats, chair lifts.

18 10

Accessories for sitting furniture

(74 product series)
E.g. foot stools, ejector seats.

18 12

Beds and bed equipment

(352 product series)
E.g. adjustable and non-adjustable beds and bed boards, bed-linen, side rails, rails for self-lifting.

18 15

Assistive products for height adjustment of furniture

(67 product series)
E.g. leg extenders, height-adjustable plinths and brackets.

18 18

Supporting handrails and grab bars

(150 product series)
E.g. handrails, grab bars, toilet arm supports, vertical supports poles.

18 21

Gate, door, window and curtain openers/closers

(53 product series)
E.g. openers and closers for doors, windows, and curtains, door locks.

18 24

Construction elements in homes and other premises

(102 product series)
E.g. taps, doors, thresholds.

18 30

Assistive products for vertical accessibility

(224 product series)
E.g. lifts, lifting platforms, stair lifts, ramps, stepladders.

18 33

Safety equipment for homes and other premises

(32 product series)
E.g. non-slip materials, stove guards, sprinklers, evacuation equipment, fire-resistant floor coverings.

18 36

Furniture for storage

(28 product series)
E.g. key boxes, kitchen units, hangers racks.