Equipment for movement, strength, balance and cardio training

Products for training the muscular and cardiovascular system, balance and coordination of physiological body functions.
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Exercise and ergometer cycles

(44 product series)
Stationary cycles for physical exercise.

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Assistive products for exercising gait pattern

(10 product series)
Stationary equipment for providing support to a person training to improve a gait pattern.

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Finger and hand exercise devices

(51 product series)
Equipment for training movement or strengthening the fingers and the hands.

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Arm exercise devices, trunk exercise devices and leg exercise devices

(106 product series)
E.g. wall bars, trampolines, gymnasium mats, balance boards, weighted cuffs, equipment that supports aerobic and strength training.

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Biofeedback devices for movement, strength and balance training

(14 product series)
Devices for providing an audible, a visible or a tactile signal in response to a specific physical or physiological action.

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Assistive products for body positioning during therapy

(47 product series)
Equipment for supporting a person in the correct position to facilitate therapy and treatment.

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Assistive products for training the pelvic floor

(7 product series)
Assistive products for physically enhancing the function of the pelvic floor muscles.

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Standing frames and supports for standing

(23 product series)
Stationary equipment for providing support to a person for keeping an upright position.

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Tilting tables

(8 product series)
Platforms for positioning and supporting a person while progressively moving him/her from a lying position to an upright position.