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Body-worn assistive products for body protection

Equipment to prevent injury to parts of the body. Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity, see 04 33. Personal protective equipment for workplaces, see 28 24 03.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
09 06 03Assistive products for head protection
Helmets etc.
09 06 09Assistive products for ear protection or hearing protection
Head worn equipment that protects the hearing from noice.
09 06 12Assistive products for elbow protection or arm protection
Body-worn equipment that protects vulnerable persons from bruising or skin injury on arm, elbow, and shoulder.
09 06 15Assistive products for hand protection
Wheelchair gloves, grill gloves etc.
09 06 18Assistive products for knee protection or leg protection
Included are, e.g. stockings for amputated legs (stump socks).
09 06 21Assistive products for heel protection, toe protection or foot protection
Body-worn equipment for the prevention of pressure sores on the feet.
09 06 24Assistive products for trunk protection or whole-body protection
Trousers and underwear with built-in protection to prevent fracture when falling etc.
09 06 81Body-worn assistive products for body protection for several and other purposes
Included are materials for costumizing to various parts of the body.
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