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Assistive products for dressing and undressing

Equipment to assist when putting on or taking off clothes and shoes. Buttoning devices and fasteners, see 09 03 48.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
09 09 03Assistive products for putting on or removing socks and pantyhose
Devices used in relation to putting on or removing stockings, anti-oedema stockings, and tights. Includes devices for arm stockings.
09 09 06Shoehorns and bootjacks
Devices to enable a person to put on and take off footwear.
09 09 09Clothes holders
Devices to hold clothes in a fixed position while dressing.
09 09 12Dressing and undressing hooks or sticks
Devices to fix or grab the clothes while dressing and undressing.
09 09 15Zipper pullers
Pendants for a zipper to provide better grip making it easier to operate the zipper.
09 09 18Button hooks
Devices to pass a button through a button hole.
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