Assistive products for walking, manipulated by both arms

Devices supporting the user when walking, manipulated by either both arms or the upper body. Accessories for assistive products for walking, see 12 07. Trolleys, see 24 36 12.
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Walking frames

(21 product series)
Frames which a person lifts to move, that enable maintenance of stability and balance and support of body weight while walking or standing; with hand grips, without forearm support and with either four tips or two tips and two castors.

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(239 product series)
Walking devices which can be moved by pushing or pulling, that enable a person to maintain stability and balance while walking, and have hand grips and three or more wheels.

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Walking chairs

(29 product series)
Devices with wheels and seat or sling that support the body when walking. Included are, e.g. walking bicycles.

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Walking tables

(64 product series)
Devices with wheels and tips and a supporting table or forearm support.