Assistive products for making and maintaining textiles for domestic use

Assistive products for sewing and knitting, scissors, laundry baskets, clothespins etc. Clothes and shoes, see 09 03. Tape measures, see 27 06 03. Tools, materials and equipment for textile handicraft, se 30 18 03.
15 15 06

Sewing hoops, pin cushions and darning devices

(1 product series)
Devices that hold material in a fixed position while sewing or darning, e.g. embroidering rings.

15 15 12

Knitting, crocheting, sewing and darning needles

(2 product series)
Equipment for producing or repairing garment by hand.

15 15 19

Assistive products for hand sewing

(2 product series)
Included are, e.g. needle threaders and thimbles.

15 15 21


(44 product series)
Scissors for cutting textile, yarn, paper and the like.

15 15 30

Laundry baskets on castors

(11 product series)
Baskets for laundry mounted on a wheeled undercarriage.

15 15 39


(6 product series)
Clips or forked devices for attaching clothes on to a clothes-line; also known as clothes pegs.