Supporting handrails and grab bars

Handrails, grab bars and handgrips. Side rails to be fixed to beds, see 18 12 26. Rails for self-lifting to be fixed to beds, see 18 12 28.
18 18 03

Handrails and support rails

(1 product series)
Bars attached to a wall, floor or other stable structure that provide the means for a person to support or stabilize himself/herself while walking, e.g. on stairs or ramps or moving along corridors.

18 18 06

Fixed grab bars and handgrips

(78 product series)
Grips that are permanently attached to a wall, a floor, and/or a ceiling to provide support to a person while standing or changing position.

18 18 10

Removable grab rails and handgrips

(17 product series)
Grab bars that can be temporarily attached to walls, floors, ceilings or furniture and removed without tools providing support to a person while changing position.

18 18 11

Hinged rails and arm supports

(50 product series)
Devices that provide support to a person when changing her/his position; they can be fixed to a wall or floor and can be folded up or sideways or lowered down to allow access or when they are not needed.

18 18 81

Vertical support poles

(4 product series)
Poles mounted on the floor and possibly on the ceiling for support during transfers.