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Assistive products for signalling, identifying, warning, monitoring, indicating time, planning and reminding

Doorbells, flashing beacons, body-worn symbols, markings, monotoring systems, clocks and timepieces, calendars, assistive products for structuring of activities, talking picture systems, medication reminders etc.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
22 27 04Signalling devices
Devices that transform a signal, e.g. from telephone, doorbell, babycall, to a visual, an acoustic or a mechanical output.
22 27 12Clocks and timepieces
Devices for measuring, displaying and speaking the time. Included are, e.g. portable and non-portable devices, timers and devices with or without an alarm function.
22 27 15Calendars and timetables
Devices for providing calendar information and/or with functions which inform the user about planned activities or sequences related to specific time.
22 27 16Memory support products
Talking photo albums, memory books, medication reminders and products reminding of doing a measurement as part of self-monitoring etc.
22 27 18Personal emergency alarm systems
Devices either operated by the user or activated automatically in case of personal emergency, e.g., insulin alarms, seizure alarms for people with epilepsy, and fall alarms.
22 27 21Environmental emergency alarm systems
Fire alarms, smoke detectors, flood detectors, and temperatures extremes sensors. E.g. Alarm systems with internal transmitter.
22 27 24Localization and tracking systems
Devices for localizing or tracking a person or an object. Included are, e.g. GPS-trackers and key finders.
22 27 27Marking materials and marking tools
Devices for marking and identifying, e.g., signs, symbols and labels.
22 27 33Assistive products for structuring periods, activities and personal goals
Assistive products that support structuring periods, activities or personal goals by clarifying sub cycles, sequences and possibly use of time but without relation to a specific time.
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