Assistive products for signalling, alarming and localization

Assistive products for signalling, alarming, warning, localizing and tracking a person. Included are products for marking..
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Signalling devices

(141 product series)
Devices that transform a signal, e.g. from telephone, doorbell, babycall, to a visual, an acoustic or a mechanical output.

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Personal emergency alarm systems

(157 product series)
Devices either operated by the user or activated automatically in case of personal emergency. Included are, e.g. insulin alarms, fall alarms, seizure alarms for persons with epilepsy.

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Environmental emergency alarm systems

(22 product series)
Included are, e.g. fire alarms, smoke detectors, alarm systems with internal transmitter.

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Localization and tracking systems

(27 product series)
Devices for localizing or tracking a person. Included are, e.g. GPS-trackers.

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Marking materials and marking tools

(104 product series)
Devices for marking and identifying. Included are, e.g. signs, symbols, labels.