Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or combination of these functions

Devices for grasping, grip adapters, body-worn holders, stands, operating sticks, pointing lamps and forearm supports. Upper limb orthoses, see 06 06
24 18 03

Devices for grasping

(25 product series)
Products for grasping an object which replace the gripping function of the hands Included are tweezers.

24 18 06

Grip adapters and attachments

(89 product series)
Devices added to a product to help grap that product Included are pen holders, pencil holders and brush-holders.

24 18 09

Body-worn holders

(1 product series)
Devices worn on the body that hold an object.

24 18 12


(3 product series)
Free-standing devices for holding an object in a stable position

24 18 15

Operating sticks

(4 product series)
Devices for controlling other devices and input devices for computers.

24 18 27

Arm supports to permit manual activities

(32 product series)
Devices supporting the forearm during manual activities, e.g. using a computer or a typewriter.