Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in workplaces

Devices for raising or repositioning materials, loads or persons in the work environment. Included are, e.g. tackles, balancers, manipulators, lifting tables, lifting and positioning robots, industrial robots, cranes. Assistive products for transferring person seated in wheelchair into or out of vehicles, see 12 12 18. Assistive products for loading unoccupied wheelchairs onto or into vehicles, see 12 12 21. Assistive products for lifting persons, see 12 36. Assistive products for transporting objects in workplaces, see 28 06.
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Lifting and positioning systems for workplaces

(3 product series)
Stationary, rotating-sliding or inclinable equipment to position or lift cargo and other objects in comfortable reach of the user Included are, e.g., lifting tables.