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Assistive products for sports

Devices that enable a person to engage in competitive and informal or formally organized games or athletic events, performed alone or in a group.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
30 09 03Assistive products for team ball sports
Products that enable a person to engage in sports that require teams to move a ball around an indoor or outdoor area to facilitate scoring points.
30 09 15Assistive products for equestrianism
Products that enable a person to ride horses.
30 09 33Assistive products for swimming and water sports
Products that enable a person to engage in swimming and other water sports, including water polo and water skiing.
30 09 36Assistive products for winter sports
Products that enable a person to engage in any winter sport including hockey, skiing and ice skating.
30 09 39Assistive products for other sports
Bean bags, asfalt curling, balancing rails, boccia soft, table tennis etc.
30 09 81Equipment for track and field
Assistive products for track and field.
30 09 82Assistive products for target sports
Assisitive products for activities where the main objective is to hit a certain target with an object.
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