Clothing worn outdoors over other clothes to protect a person against cold, wind and precipitation. Included are, e.g. wraps.
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(36 product series)
Coveralls encompass the legs and partly the trunk. The user sits on the coverall.

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Knee covers

(30 product series)
Knee covers encompass the legs up to above the knees and are used when sitting. The user is not sitting on the knee cover.

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Foot muffs

(1 product series)
Foot muffs encompass the feet and parts of the lower legs and are used while sitting.

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One-piece suits and sleeping bags

(10 product series)
Outerwear that in one piece covers the body from shoulder to feet.

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(48 product series)
Waterproof outerwear.

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Coats, anoraks and jackets for outdoor use

(20 product series)
Outerwear with sleeves, with or without  front opening.

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(11 product series)
Outerwear that covers the upper body and the arms. Capes do not have sleeves but may have openings for the hands.

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(2 product series)
Trousers for outdoors use worn over other garments.