Positioning pillows, positioning cushions and positioning systems

Excluded are, e.g. cushions for respiratory therapy. Benches and cushions for respiration, see 04 03 24. Seat cushions and underlays, see 12 25 06. Bedding, see 18 12 15.
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Pillows and positioning cushions for head and neck

(88 product series)
Pillows for comfort and cushions for positioning head and neck. Included are ear cushions.

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Leg positioners and arm positioners

(102 product series)
Cushions for positioning the extremities of the body.

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General purpose body positioners

(193 product series)
Included are, e.g. cylindrical cushions, positioning wedges and back-/lumbar supports for use in beds.

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Covers for positioning pillows and positioning cushions

(46 product series)
Covers for positioning cushions intended for specific parts of the body (e.g. back, knee or elbow) and covers for multi purpuse body positioners.