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This tool helps you drawing up a requirement specification for a selected product type.

Product type

12 17 03 03 - Powered stair-climbing transporters.
Powered devices, operated by an attendant and not attached or connected to the stairs or the walls or ceiling adjacent to a stairway, intended to transport a person by climbing up or down stairs. Included are, e.g. powered emergency evacuation carriers.

Type of requirement specification

What type of requirement specification do you need?


Chose type 1 if you need a requirement specification to select one product for one person. The generator will guide you to specify requirements for product measures matching the specific person, who will be using the product, which may depend on the height, the weight, the inside leg measure etc. of the person.

Chose type 2 if you need a requirement specification for a purchasing agreement comprising an assortment, e.g. products with mutual basic properties in various sizes, so that the assortment can meet the needs for the target group you are purchasing for.