The use of AssistData

AssistData is used by private citizens, professionals in the field of assistive technology, and suppliers of assistive products.

AssistData supports public provision, recycling and depot functions, national statistics, and public purchasing of assistive products. In addition, AssistData contributes to citizen directed dissemination of knowledge and information on assistive products.

The website

In 2023 AssistData’s website ( had an average of 67.381 visits per month. Last month (01/06/2024 - 30/06/2024) the website had 65.292 visits. These numbers do not cover the total use of AssistData, since AssistData’s data are also published as open data and used through other interfaces.

Open data

Open data from AssistData are published as comma-separated files and through web services. The open data are included in municipal and regional systems for assistive products where they are used to support stock management, statistics, and case management in the field of assistive technology. Moreover, data from AssistData are included on the portal EASTIN, where information on assistive products from 6 national databases are displayed.