Open data

Data from AssistData are openly and free of charge provided to all by the National Board of Social Services.

Extractions of data from AssistData have since the foundation of the database been used by an increasing number of public and private suppliers of assistive products an IT solutions to support stock control, information retrieval, and case management in the field of assistive technology. To create an even wider range of possible applications and to provide improved access for using data from AssistData for developing new innovative solutions for the benefit of citizens, municipalities, regions, and trade and industry, the National Board of Social Services has decided to exhibit data from AssistData as -public open data- as per September 2018. This implies that it is free for all to use data from AssistData by accepting conditions endorsing so called fair use and by not using data in a manner to create anti-competitive practices. Data from AssistData is exhibited as comma separated files and by a json webservice.
Open data - terms and documentation