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Cibes lift A 5000

Cibes lift A 5000

Supplier A.P. Botved A/S
2730 Herlev

Classification 18 30 03 - 01

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Cibes lift A 5000

HMI-no. 17923 
Article-no. 1040-Cibes A 5000 
Registration date 18-03-1998 
Last updated 16-10-2019 

Length/depth 150cm 
Lifting height, max 1300cm 
Load, max 400kg 
Elevator cage width 110cm 
Door width 90cm 

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Cibes lift A 5000
A.P. Botved A/S
Cibes lift A 5000