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Light brown threshold ramps in aluminum

The threshold ramp can be placed directly on the floor on adjustable legs or fastened with screws directly in the threshold. Since the entire ramp has the same inclination and a height of only 1,5 mm., it makes it easy to roll up on to. Its corrugations make it slip resistant and protects it from wear and tear.

18 24 12 03 - Threshold ramps, single-sided

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Specifications summarized

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Product 1 - 3
Outdoor useNoNoNo
Indoor useYesYesYes
Length in direction of travel (cm)1420.530
Width (cm)969696
Threshold height, min (mm) info
The minimal height of threshold that the ramp is intended for
Threshold height, max (mm) info
The maximum height of threshold that the ramp is intended for
Weight (kg)---
Load, max (kg)400400400