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Low Speed Outdoor Platform elevator - AluLet LSPO

AluLet LSPO (Low Speed Platform Outdoor) is our platform elevator developed for outdoor installation. The outdoor platformlift sets itself apart from the outdoor elevator and elevator lift by price, it is the most economic solution. Additionally, the platformlift requires fewer modifications to its surroundings.

Supplier HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S
3250 Gilleleje

Classification 18 30 03 - 01

The product series contains 1 product.

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LSPO AluLet Elevator (Low Speed Platform Outdoor)

Our platform lifts are always delivered with their own self-supporting shaft, and as standard are equipped with a anondized aluminum shaft, however, this can be adapted to the customers specifications for color, or glass etc. as well as the architectural surroundings. Our platform lift has been developed and manufactured in Denmark.

HMI-no. 51354 
Article-no. LSPO 
Registration date 24-03-2009 
Last updated 16-10-2019 

Length/depth 97cm 
Lifting height, max 2000cm 
Load, max 325kg 
Elevator cage width 86cm 
Door width 95cm