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Luminette light therapy glasses

Luminette is a smart phototherapy eyewear incorporating a holographic screen, which allows an effective therapeutic treatment with the full spectrum of light, and without harmful UV radiation.

Light therapy glasses are fully tested and certified as medical treatment apparatus. Luminette gives probably the most effective phototherapy for SAD.

Supplier Lysterapi.dk A/S
1973 Frederiksberg C

Classification 04 09 12 - 01
Daylight therapy lamps

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Luminette 2 light therapy glasses

HMI-no. 53295 
Article-no. Luci2 
Registration date 22-11-2012 
Last updated 26-09-2017 

Table model No 
Ceiling fixtures No 
Wall mountable No 
Floor-stand No 
Body-worn Yes