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Folding ramp

Folding ramp
Can be rolled up when not in use and comes in a pouch for transport.
Available in 2 lengths:
Length: 90cm or 150cm
W: 76cm
Max user weight: 272kg
Weight 90cm: 7,1 kg

Supplier Seniorshop ApS
2860 Søborg

Classification 18 30 15 - 09

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Product 1 of 1
Folding ramp - 150 cm

HMI-no. 77929 
Article-no. 212876 
Registration date 25-03-2013 
Last updated 16-10-2019 

Load, max 272kg info
For both track ramps and ramps please state the allowed load pr. item.
Weight 11.7kg 
Actual length in use, min 150cm info
The minimum length in use of the ramp excluding lips
Actual length in use, max 150cm info
The maximum length in use of the ramp excluding lips
Transportation length 150cm 
Transportation width 76cm 
Foldable Yes 
Length adjustable No 
Internal width 76cm 
External width 76cm info
External width per track
Non-slip surface Yes 
Indoor use Yes 
Outdoor use Yes 
Lip, top No 
Lip, bottom No 
Carrying handle No 
Guardrail height 0cm 

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