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FURN BYOX - 501-11

FURN BYOX - 501-11
Office table must be height adjustable so it can be adapted to the individual, and make it possible to place the monitor, keyboard and mouse at a suitable height.
Available with special plate and tilt.

Supplier FURN BY OX
7400 Herning

Classification 18 03 06 - 02
Writing desks

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1

HMI-no. 79295 
Article-no. 501-11 
Registration date 05-06-2013 
Last updated 11-03-2014 

Height of working surface, min 65cm 
Height of working surface, max 122cm 
Heigh adjustment, manual No 
Height adjustment, hydraulic No 
Height adjustment, electrical Yes 
Can be supplied with wheels Yes 

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