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EchoVoice EV6

EchoVoice EV6

Supplier SimpleCare ApS
3480 Fredensborg

Classification 22 09 06 - 01
Voice amplifiers for personal use

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
EchoVoice EV6

HMI-no. 87021 
Article-no. 801-1000-03 
Registration date 08-03-2015 
Last updated 04-07-2019 

Body worn amplifier and loudspeaker Yes 
Amplifies with up to 83dB 
Suppression of acoustic feedback Yes 
Loudspeaker run time per charging 8timer 
Head-worn microphone Yes 
Neck-worn/buttonhole microphone Yes 
Hand-held microphone No 
Cordless microphone No 

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EchoVoice EV6
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EchoVoice EV6
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