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Supplier SeniorTryghed
9200 Aalborg SV

Classification 22 27 18 - 11
Emergency alarm systems without two way speech

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
SeniorTryghed BASIS

HMI-no. 102638 
Article-no. S1000-D 
Registration date 17-10-2016 
Last updated 25-10-2016 

Automatic low battery warning Yes 
Danish user manual Yes 
Conforms to Medical Device Directive No 
Emergency button on emergency alarm system main unit No 
Max number of actuators 1000 
Max number of alarm receivers 1000 
Floating battery Yes 
Connection for telephone network No 
Connection for mobile network Yes 
Connection to network Yes 
Alarm logging Yes 

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