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Roca Inspira douchetoilet

Back to wall or wall-hung douchetoilet
Easy to use via the remote
Quick release seat for easy cleaning.
LED light
Removable nozzle
Nozzle positions: 5

09 12 06 05 - Toilets with douche and air dryers

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Roca Inspira


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Intended for children No info
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User weight, max 150kg 
Total width 39cm 
Total depth 68cm info
Minimum distance from wall to front of toilet bowl
Height adjustable Yes 
Seat height, min 42.5cm 
Seat height, max 50.5cm 
Wall mounted Yes 
Lid Yes 
Arm supports Yes 
Alternative toilet seats can be mounted No 
Raised toilet seat can be mounted No 
Built-in douche Yes 
Built-in air dryer Yes 
Number of jets 1 
Pulsating water jet Yes 
Self-cleaning jets Yes 
Remote control Yes 
Probrammable for several users No 
Automatic energy conservation, "sleep mode" Yes 
Built-in air cleaning No 
Adjustment of water temperature Yes 
Adjustment of air temperature Yes 
Heated toilet seat No 
Can be used in combination with raising mechanism No 
Ingress protection class for water 4IP-klasse info
0-9 (IPX0-IPX9) according to the standard for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529)